Workshop in Bakuriani, Georgia "History Education at a Time of War"

Workshop in Bakuriani, Georgia "History Education at a Time of War"

Confronting Memories' third and final workshop of 2023 took place in Georgia. There we implemented a workshop for history teachers in Bakuriani, a picturesque town in the mountains. Teachers from Georgia worked on developing learning activities to teach the sensitive topic of the Georgian Civil War of 1991-92, which is still not addressed sufficiently in the school curriculum and textbooks. As in our other workshops, a site visit connected to local history was organised. This time, we visited the Stalin Museum in Gori in order to see how such a controversial figure is memorialised in the place he was born. The exhibition has hardly changed since the Soviet period and we were instructed to make up our own minds about Stalin.

Our facilitator Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic focused her workshops on the Yugoslav War(s), tackling different narratives and how, if at all, the conflict can be taught in schools and beyond. For instance, participants worked with photos to try and achieve a multiperspective view of different aspects of this very complex conflict in Yugoslavia. This prompted teachers in Georgia to think about the conflicts in their own context and what methods could be used to teach these sensitive topics.

Thanks to our local coordinator Nana Tsikhistavi, we had the chance to meet and work with interesting and inspiring teachers from different regions of Georgia. The next stage of the Confronting Memories project "History Education at a Time of War" will start soon: teachers will start working on practical materials that will integrate sensitive topics like current and ongoing wars in order to make history teaching in these countries and elsewhere more democratic and value-based.

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