Workshop in Chisinau, Moldova "History Education at a Time of War"

Workshop in Chisinau, Moldova "History Education at a Time of War"

In summer 2023 we will organise three workshops in Armenia, Georgia and Moldova with the topic "History Education at a Time of War". We will work together with teachers to develop tools and competencies on how to teach sensitive topics such as recent or ongoing conflicts.

Our first workshop was in Chisinau, Moldova. A EuroClio facilitator from the Western Balkans led several sessions on working with personal sources, the history of the Balkan War(s) and her and her colleagues' experiences in teaching this complex conflict. Over the course of three days, 20 teachers from across Moldova discussed the challenges in teaching about conflicts such as the Transnistria War and incorporating different sources into history education.

We visited local memorial sites in Chisinau - the Eternity Memorial Complex and the former Heroes' Cemetery - and sampled traditional Moldovan food and wine at Asconi winery.

As a result of the workshops, a toolkit will be developed and co-created with participants to help educators teach about these sensitive topics.

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