Remembrance Against War

Remembrance Against War

Attendees of the 'Remembrance Against War' event in Tiergarten, Berlin, 8 May 2022

During a civil society intervention in Berlin’s Tiergarten to mark the anniversary of the end of WWII, Confronting Memories joined in by presenting a part of the “Different Wars” exhibition, namely the ‘Remembrance’ thematic poster. Our lesson material on ‘Remembrance and memorialisation’ was also presented in 5 languages. The weather was lovely and the event well-attended.

The Remembrance Against War initiative in its own words:

“On the 24th of February 2022, Russia has begun a full-scale war with Ukraine. The Second World War is instrumentalized by various actors that play a crucial role in this invasion. While Russia is trying to create a linkage between the “Great Patriotic War” and the assault on Ukraine by calling its actions “denazification”, German politicians keep speaking about the “historical accountability” of Germany towards Russia, which prevented them from giving full support to Ukraine. We want to remind that Ukraine suffered in the Second World War no less than Russia and needs unapologetic support.

"The 9th of May, recognized as the end of the Second World War in Russia, is one of the most important days for Putin supporters both in Russia and globally. Russian propaganda will be particularly active on this day, as will self-organized right-wing groups that already did several car rides across Berlin. That is why we, representatives of Eastern European NGOs, experts on the region and anti-war activists, have decided to create this coalition.”

For more information about the Remembrance Against War initiative, see here.

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