Public Discussion in Tbilisi “History Education at a Time of War”

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Tbilisi, Georgia
Public Discussion in Tbilisi “History Education at a Time of War”
The programme Confronting Memories of the Civil Society Forum e.V. invites historians and history educators to a discussion at the European School in Tbilisi. The discussion will tackle the conflict areas related to Georgia, such as the Georgian-Abkhazian and Georgian-Ossetian conflicts, their didactic aspects and how these issues are presented in history textbooks.

The discussion in Tbilisi will coincide with the first meeting of the project participants – history teachers – with the project coordinators and other invited experts from abroad. After a short presentation about the Confronting Memories programme and its current project “History Education at a Time of War”, we will open the panel discussion.

The speakers will address the following questions:
  1. What is the ethnic aspect of the confrontation between Georgia and Abkhazia, and Georgia and Ossetia and how can we teach it?
  2. What kind of narratives or sources do we need to put into the history textbooks? What kind of additional resources do we need to overcome misunderstandings between opposing sides?
  3. What is the best way to teach history with conflict resolution in mind?
Dr. Giorgi Kiknadze – Historian and professor at the European University
Dr. Lela Kakashvili – History teacher at Gori Public school #9
Amiran Jamagidze – History educator, trainer, lecturer and history teacher at Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium

Dr. Nana Tsikhistavi – Historian, professor at the New Higher Education Institute-NEWUNI

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