Workshop in Yerevan, Armenia "History Education at a Time of War"

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Yerevan, Armenia
Workshop in Yerevan, Armenia "History Education at a Time of War"
Our second capacity building workshop took place in Yerevan, Armenia, where sixteen teachers from the various regions of Armenia participated. Over three days, we saw a great development of ideas for the teaching material, a so-called toolkit, that will use multiperspective approaches to tackle how to teach sensitive topics like current and ongoing conflicts in schools. In the case of Armenia, we focused on the Nagorno-Karabakh / Artsakh Liberation War.

We also had an interesting alternative walking tour of Yerevan and learned about different layers of the city’s history, the highlight of which was the Kond district. It was a hot day and we found some rest at the yard on the former teritorry of an old mosque in the neighbourhood. Thanks a lot to our wonderful local coordinators and experts Lusine Kharatyan and Shushanik Saratikyan as well as our facilitator, who led interesting and provocative sessions, Bojana Dujkovic-Blagojevic.

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