"History is the present, or how to teach and talk about war?"

OFFLINE Veranstaltung abgeschlossen
"History is the present, or how to teach and talk about war?"
On 30 November 2022 in Warsaw at Witryna Domu Wschodniego, led by KARTA in cooperation with the Jan Nowak-Jeziorański College of Eastern Europe, the Confronting Memories conference "History is the present, or how to teach and talk about war?" took place.

Guests from different perspectives - academic, educational, journalistic - answered questions posed by teacher-activist and 'herstoryteller' Anna Skiendziel. The discussion was attended by Agnieszka Jankowiak-Maik (history teacher, vlogger, activist, vice-president of the Women's History Museum Foundation), Estera Flieger (journalist associated with "Gazeta Wyborcza", editor-in-chief of journalism at ngo.pl), Jacek Staniszewski (history teacher, podcaster, blogger) and Joanna Wojdon (historian specialising in recent history and didactics of history).

The guests agreed that we don’t know how to talk about war. We are looking at arrows on a map, watching the front line move as is shown in the media. But with all this we forget that war is, above all, suffering. The war in Ukraine should teach us how to talk about war, including World War II. You can read 100 books about war, but until you see the face of a person who has experienced it, you really know next to nothing.


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