Summer School for history educators in Dilijan, Armenia

Summer School for history educators in Dilijan, Armenia
The Confronting Memories programme (Berlin, Germany) and Hazarashen Armenian Center of Ethnological Studies are organising a 3-day international Summer School in Dilijan, Armenia on 17-21 July 2024 for history teachers and educators from Armenia, Georgia and Moldova, as well as for Russian and Ukrainian teachers and educators in exile. 
During the workshop and capacity building training, we aspire to give teachers tools for creating lesson materials that can incorporate multiple perspectives, integrate the Council of Europe Reference Framework of Democratic Competences and provide students with the skills to ask critical questions. The workshop will be led by facilitators from the Western Balkans and Latvia with extensive experience in multiperspective educational practices and conflict resolution, and the following questions will be addressed:
  • How can we teach about conflicts in history against the backdrop of ongoing conflicts in the region?
  • How can we develop learner-centred history education on conflicts with a focus on attitudes and values? 
  • How are conflicts presented in school textbooks and media?
  • How can history be manipulated and how does it influence societies today? 
  • How do political narratives shape remembrances and its practices?  
In addition, we will select Confronting Memories ambassadors who will be trained after the Summer School to become trainers for other teachers and educators. The ambassadors will receive a small grant to subsequently organise a capacity building workshop in their region for other history teachers and educators.  

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